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Southsiders get ready for Container Refund Scheme

September 07, 2018

A community forum will be held Monday 10 September at Griffith University to encourage Southside community groups to participate in recycling opportunities through Queensland’s Container Refund Scheme, which starts on November 1.

Member for Algester and Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch said the forum will help community groups including schools, sports clubs and community centres understand how the scheme will work, and how they can benefit from the recycling and financial opportunities.

“Queensland’s Container Refund Scheme will be a fantastic way for individuals and community groups to get financial benefits from recycling,” Ms Enoch said.

“Under the scheme, 10c will be refunded for each eligible container, and people will be able to keep this refund or donate it.”

Member for Stretton Duncan Pegg said the local community has been very interested in the opportunities the scheme offers.

“So far there has been significant interest from a range of community groups including charities, sporting teams, schools and other service organisations” Mr Pegg said.

“I encourage community groups of all shapes and sizes to learn more about the scheme and how they might participate,”

Member for Toohey Peter Russo said he looks forward to seeing the scheme in action.

“This scheme will make a real difference in providing more recycling opportunities in for the Southside, while also providing financial benefits to those who do the right thing and recycle,” Mr Russo said.

CoEx said the estimated average cost charged to beverage manufacturers for the Queensland scheme will be 10.2c per container.

CoEx are ensuring beverage manufacturers will pay their contributions to the scheme ‘in arrears’, based on their previous months’ sales data.

“The approach to ensure payments from beverage manufacturers are calculated “in arrears” was taken following industry feedback that the impact on cash flow to beverage manufacturers needed to minimised,” Ms Enoch said.

“This 10.2c cost is less than what it was in NSW, which was about 13c when the scheme started.”

For more information about the community group and beverage manufacturer forums visit the CoEx website

More information about the Container Refund Scheme can be found here:

The Southside Community Forum will be held 6pm – 7.30pm Monday 10 September at Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue, Building N35, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Road, Nathan.

Local residents are encouraged to come along and can RSVP to their local MP’s office.