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Racist elements in LNP must be called out

December 03, 2019

The Opposition Leader must immediately call out racist elements within the LNP, Leeanne Enoch said today.

After video surfaced last night of members of the young LNP at schoolies calling for the country to stop celebrating Australian Aboriginal culture, the Environment Minister said the Opposition Leader must act.

“The Opposition Leader needs to call out these statements for what they are and that’s racist,” Ms Enoch said.

“These kinds of view should not be allowed to simmer within any organisation. Swift action needs to be taken.

“It’s already been out there for more than 12 hours so I can’t understand why she hasn’t already called it out and taken action against the people involved.

“It’s disturbing on many levels.

“It’s endorsed by the Gold Coast Young LNP’s chair who laughs along with the racist comments and the person who makes the comments pretends they’re not a member of the LNP.

“In fact, the person who makes the comments has been pictured with senior federal government LNP MPs including Peter Dutton and former state LNP candidates – the same LNP candidate who posed with someone wearing blackface.

“He’s even been thanked in the federal parliament by the Member for Petrie.

"I've called out this kind of behaviour from the LNP before and I'll keep calling it out until it stops."