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Joint Release: State MPs call for Action from ARTC – Where is our Community Consultative Committee?

April 22, 2018

Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) CEO John Fullerton has received urgent requests to establish Inland Rail consultation groups in Algester, Logan and Jordan from State MPs.

Member for Algester Leeanne Enoch Member for Logan Linus Power and Member for Jordan, Charis Mullen have called on the Adelaide-based CEO to establish community consultative committees, as is the case in other parts of Queensland.

Ms Enoch said residents in Algester, Logan and Jordan electorates are being left out of the conversation when it came to Inland Rail.

“After over twelve months calling on the Federal Government for meaningful consultation, nothing has changed – we still are not being listened to and need reliable information from the Federal Government,” Ms Enoch said.

“The Palaszczuk Government is very conscious of the community’s concerns that they are being left in the
dark on this project,” Ms Enoch said.

“As part of my discussions, I have made it very clear that it is of upmost importance to our community that the impact of increased dust, noise and the frequency of train movements is a priority for local residents,

“However, because the ARTC has neglected to establish a community consultative committee in the last leg of the proposed Inland Rail Project, these residents don’t have access to reliable and current information.”

Member for Logan Linus Power said the ARTC has formed consultative committees in other parts of the state, but are overlooking the most densely populated part of the line.

“Of the Queensland section of track, there are four consultative committees that have been established, but the part of the line that is a suburban area doesn’t have one,” Mr Power said.

“The ARTC needs to do more to listen to our community in Logan,

“In December 2017 they set up four other consultative committees across the state in other areas impacted by the project, but our community was not included,

“I don’t think the ARTC wants to be seen as playing favourites when it comes to community consultation, and an easy way to rectify that is to establish a consultative committee in our area. It’s only fair.

Member for Jordan, Charis Mullen said while the Federal Government have put forward billions of taxpayer dollars for this project, its progress to date demonstrates they have clearly failed to engage with all impacted communities across the state.

“Does the ARTC think that some people’s views are worth more than others? Because I certainly don’t.

If the committee is established it will be open to all members of the public and is particularly suitable for community leaders. If you would like to be a part of this committee or know someone who you think would be suitable, please contact your local MP’s office.

Leeanne Enoch MP 3737 2110 or [email protected]
Linus Power MP 3445 2100 or [email protected]
Charis Mullen MP 3447 9300 or [email protected]